Altrincham Martial Arts Club has been teaching a range of martial arts alongside a specialism in Wing Chun Kung Fu since 2008. Whether it’s traditional martial arts, basic self defence or getting fitter alongside dedicated and like-minded people, Altrincham Martial Arts Club has something to offer those of you interested in the benefits of regular training. Click here to learn more about our club and the training team.

Altrincham Martial Arts Club teaches regular classes to children and adults throughout the week. To find a suitable session please click here

We also offer a range of personal training and small group private sessions to request information on these please contact us here.

Our head instructor Matt Townsend is a qualified teacher and has worked in schools across the North West. He now offers a range of products suitable for your child’s school, club or social group. To find out more click here.

When and where we train

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